• 10.12.2021
    Next French model in scale I: 141R, delivery in 2023
  • 03.09.2021
    The Pacific HO 231 G with tender 37 North have arrived. They are available in Region 1 East 231 G 265 black and green and black, and Region 2 North 231 G 70 and 231 G 139 with North smoke box door.

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SNCF 231 G-H gauge HO

Delivery scheduled for the 2nd half of 2021

The following versions will be released:

HO-MX.001/6 SNCF 1-231 G 265, Reims, black
HO-MX.001/7A SNCF 2-231 G 139, Calais, green and black, smokebox door Nord
HO-MX.001/7B SNCF 2-231 G 70, Calais, green and black

The "Pacific 231" have been part of the railway legend for almost a century. And more particularly the prestigious "6000" of the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée (P.L.M.).
It was in response to the increase in speed and towed loads as well as the increase in traffic at the beginning of the twentieth century that the P.L.M., after the P.O., the West and the South, studied and commissioned its first "Pacific" in 1909. They were neither the most advanced nor the most powerful of the French "Pacific". But they were the most numerous and circulated in all regions. And above all, in the eyes of many amateurs, they were and will always be the most beautiful.
Delivered between 1909 and 1932, with 462 units - symbolically twice as many as "231" - the "Pacific" P.L.M. form the largest and most homogeneous series in the French "Pacific" fleet. 

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