Our brass models concept

Modelbex is a trade mark of Lematec Prestige Models SA.

Lematec, named Lemaco Prestige Models until 2006, is well known since 25 years in the high quality, high range prestige model trains world. The company acquired a special reputation thanks to the high detail, high quality of their models, their seriousness and care for customers, as well as their constant search for improvement.

The trade mark Modelbex was created in 2010 with a view to offer to a bigger circle of amateurs high quality brass models at a more attractive price than limited series prestige models.
Our opinion is that locomotives in metal are better suited for pulling the great variety of nowadays available good plastic coaches and waggons than a locomotive in  plastic. Furthermore, brass allows a better reproduction than plastic, particularly for steam engines because of the thin thickness of the metal sheets, and for Diesel or electric engines because of the joint of molding and the thickness of the plastic which is particularly visible in the windows areas.

We plan to make one new engine each year for the H0, 0 and I gauges. Coaches and waggons will complete the offer for 0 and I gauges.

We wish you a lot of pleasure in collecting and operating our models, and we are looking forward to fruitful exchanges with you, our valued customers.

Your team Modelbex